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Individual Therapy

"Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do."

Psychotherapy is a collaborative process which we will work through together.  Our goal is never to control you or our session- this is your life. We are here as a resource to you to aid you in your journey towards wellness and happiness. Our focus is to provide you with a better understanding of your relationships, increased knowledge of how to handle stressors and emotional experiences, and improved coping skills to manage what life brings your way, but we want our time together to reflect the changes you desire for yourself.

The first few sessions together will be spent going over what brought you to psychotherapy and what we can do to help you. At this phase, we will plan our journey and map out some goals for our time together. Whether we are proactively preparing for life’s challenges or mending wounds from past trials, we will always provide you with a compassionate, non-judgmental, listening ear and a spirit that aims to empower you to handle these struggles.


Psychotherapy can be time-limited or an ongoing process for growth and healing. Typical sessions are 45 or 55 minutes and the frequency will vary depending on our discussion.

We look forward to starting this journey with you. We understand it may not have been easy to start this process but we are proud you did! Thank you for trusting us with your care!

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