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Family Therapy

"Give thanks for all of the opportunities that even our struggles bring."

In our modern world, the word “family” has a myriad of definitions. The family unit is a beautiful resource but easily filled with conflict. So often we do not seek help when small struggles begin and chances are your family may be at a breaking point. Whether the issue stems from changes such as divorce, death, new marriages or additions or a lack of effective communication, family therapy can help members of the family express their individual voice yet find a connected path towards healing. A common goal in family therapy may be to create new patterns of interaction and methods of coping with changes or challenges; or perhaps the relationships within the family need strengthening through mutual understanding and support.

Our goal as your therapist is to meet your family where you currently are and assess what is working and what is not. There is no standard to how a family should function and my intention is only to create happiness amongst each of you so your familial structure benefits all. Therapy may be time-limited or an ongoing process for growth and healing.


Sessions are typically 45 or 55 minutes and the frequency will depend on our discussion.

 We look forward to working with the beautiful family you call your own and aiding the unique voices of each member in being heard. We understand your family may be going through a challenging time and we thank you for trusting us with the care of your family!

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