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Child/Adolescent Therapy

"It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are."

Childhood and adolescent years are very complex stages of life. Children experience big emotions within their little minds and bodies and adolescents are quickly blooming into young adults yet remain in the childhood phase of life. This is not only challenging for the child or adolescent to experience but also the parents or guardians to navigate.  My number one goal is to provide your child with a safe space to be themselves. We use play and activities to build rapport that creates a trusting therapeutic relationship. I can support your child by addressing a range of issues but not limited to: healthy lifestyle choices, peer difficulties, struggles in school, anger, anxiety, depression, self-harm, family issues or changes, ADD/ADHD, interpersonal conflicts, grief and loss, executive dysfunction, and low self-esteem or body issues.

We will look at the overall lifestyle and the myriad of issues at cause stress or obstacles to create healing for the whole child- mind, body, and spirit. Your child is important to me and I aim to express that in every interaction.

Family participation is an integral part of helping a young child or adolescent in healing, so we request that key family members be present for the initial session. There may be times when we meet as a family or we meet with the parents alone to gain a better understanding or perspective of challenges and goals. This will all be determined after we meet and through the therapeutic process as situations arise. Therapy may be time-limited or an ongoing process for growth and healing. Sessions are typically 45 or 55 minutes and the frequency will depend on our discussion.


We look forward to starting this journey with you and your child. We understand it may not have been easy to start this process but we're proud you did! Thank you for trusting us with the care of your child!

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