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Kassie Love, MFT, MPH

Hi! Im Kassie Love and I am looking forward to working with you.

It may be important to you to know about my qualifications, which includes a degree in Marriage and Family Therapy specializing in medical Family Therapy. I also spent time at Emory, where I trained physicians on mental health and skills to use with their own patients.

Though, I think what you really want to know is whether our work together will be helpful. Whether I am working with an individual, couple, or family, my style is based on two key ingredients-- compassion and effectiveness. We can work together on developing skills to help find a balance between emotional highs and lows that dominate your relationships and lead you closer to your best self. Clients who work with me find that my patience, passion, and understanding of their specific life circumstances help guide them in the right direction and gain coping skills that both work and last!


Treatments I offer are rooted in evidence based approaches. Simply, they are based on what science says works best for your symptoms or concerns, which is where compassion takes center stage. Research shows us that a compassionate connection with a therapist is one of the best predictors of progress in therapy.​

I have in-depth experience in more intensive mood and emotion regulation needs. And working with those having unusual thoughts or experiences is both a passion and specialization of mine. Therapeutic modalities I offer include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and Meditation and Mindfulness practices.


Please visit me at for more information!

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