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Caitlin Kemeny, APC, M-Div, NCC, CCTP-l

What if I told you that one session of specialized therapy could offer years of healing? You'd probably call me crazy, and yet, it's totally possible! Trauma, abuse, anxiety, depression; low self-worth, unhealthy relationships and irrational fears. You DON'T have to live like this! You are worthy and deserving of living your BEST life without having to worry about negative self-talk and unhealthy symptoms hindering your everyday life. Maybe you've tried therapy before and were able to learn some great coping skills, but it only helped short-term, so now you're seeking help again. Getting to the root of your symptoms is KEY!

While I use several different therapy approaches depending on what you need, Accelerated Resolution is by FAR one the quickest and most effective ways to get to the root of your problems. ART works by targeting the core issues and triggers and provides a safe and gentle approach to rewiring those distressful memories and eliminating them altogether.

I meet my clients where they are. I offer my clients a safe and nurturing environment where we can build trust, dive deep into those distressful memories and symptoms and together, learn new ways of living the healthy life you've always dreamed of. My goal as a therapist is not to find lifelong clients, but rather to help my clients find lifelong healing.


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