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Jessica Sheridan, LCSW, CAMS-ll

Hey!! I am so thankful you are taking the time to look at our information! We are all truly in love with the gift of helping and ready to work with you! I am Jessica Sheridan, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, certified anger management specialist, mommy of three with an entrepreneurial spirit. Please reach out and I will help connect you with a therapist that works best for you!


Seeking help can be a difficult step and considering therapy is probably not the first action you have taken on your journey towards healing. It won’t be your last either. There are remarkable benefits to gain from working with a therapist, but it takes effort from us both. I am committed to the therapeutic process and, most importantly, I am committed to you. I would be honored to walk alongside you during your healing process and provide guidance, understanding, and a listening ear while building a therapeutic relationship that you can trust.


I am very passionate about the clients I serve and have dedicated myself to finding an array of helpful tools that will aide you on your path to self-discovery and change. I was always the “go-to-person” for advice while growing up, so I decided to turn my passion into my career. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in 2010 and my Master’s Degree in 2012 from The University of Georgia, where I rapidly made a way for myself in the field of Social Work. I embraced opportunities to help women and children cope with domestic violence, school issues, legal trouble, parenting struggles, family conflict, and emotional and physical trauma. As my career developed, I became specialized in grief and loss, coping with terminal illness, substance abuse, and anxiety. I am currently a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and could not be happier with the practice I am building today!


My desire is that I will provide you with a comfortable, non-judgmental, and compassionate atmosphere for you to face your current challenges. I work with curious, young children up to wise and aging seniors. We will work as partners to tailor a plan that is as unique as you and your struggles then begin our journey towards those goals. I look forward to working with you! Thank you for entrusting Therapeutic Impressions with your care!


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